UNPSJB agrees with Government on development of 3D printing

UNPSJB agrees with Government on development of 3D printing

The agreement will be for the production of sanitary materials on the basis of the National University of Patagonia “San Juan Bosco” (UNPSJB) and Chubut Technical Schools.

The Chubut Government signed the interagency cooperation act with the National Patagonian University “San Juan Bosco” aimed at strengthening support areas for the medical benefits of the future Trelew High Complexity District Hospital or other areas of the Ministry. Health based on 3D technologies, strengthening technological capacities and machines in Technical Schools.

Signature, at UNPSJB Trelew Headquarters Gabriel A. Puentes University Library, with the participation of Minister of Health Miryám Monasterolo; Science and Technology Secretary, Productive Innovation and Culture, Mauro Carrasco; Lidia Blanco, UNPSJB rector; Carolina Humphreys, Under Secretary for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development; Julio Ibáñez, dean of the UNPSJB School of Economics; María Elizabeth Flores, dean of the UNPSJB School of Engineering; Olga Herrera, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Sciences, UNPSJB; and principals and students of secondary schools that are part of the Charter for Interinstitutional Cooperation for the development of 3D printing.

An interactive example of the machines, materials and prototypes they developed was also held at the venue. Machines in operation included various 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutting and engraving machines, laser printers, prototype extruders, filaments and finished products.

The cooperation letter aims to strengthen the support areas for the medical services of the future High Complexity Trelew Hospital or other areas of the Ministry of Health based on 3D technologies; strengthening technological capacities and machinery at technical schools, Chubut State Ministry of Health and Patagonia National University San Juan Bosco; and incorporate more complexity into existing machine types.

In addition, developing effective management models to achieve the expected results in terms of biological-based products, technology-based products and information-based services; purchasing filaments and resins for application to different requests and demands; designing prototypes, assembling and making extruder machines that can convert plastic into filaments suitable for use in 3D printing; To design and implement communication strategies aimed at expanding the link between recycling and the project, based on the guidelines established by the Ministry of Environment and Control of Sustainable Development; exploring and implementing public and private funding mechanisms and programs to meet the project’s objectives; Applying the technical, human and pedagogical capacities of the participating institutions to the 3D printing needs of the High Complexity Hospital of Trelew City and other needs prioritized by the Chubut State Ministry of Health, and creating articulation mechanisms between the various actors from the public and/or private sectors aiming to develop a 3D printing cluster in the region.

At the end of the meeting, the law on cooperation between institutions was officially signed.

ESETP No. for school The 727 signed with its director, Daniel Vallejos; Agrotechnical School No. 733 “Benito Owen”, director Marcelo Álvarez; Graciela Maier, principal for the ESETP Nº 748 school; Guido García, principal for the school EPJA N 784 “Mario Abel Amaya”; ESETP school No. Vanesa Marino, director for 703 “José Toschke”; Technical School N° 781 – Dolavon – by the principal, Valeria Morón; On behalf of the UNPSJB Faculty of Engineering, María Elizabeth Flores, Dean; Dean Olga Herrera for UNPSJB’s FNyCS; By Julio Ricardo Ibáñez, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences; By Carolina Humphreys, Ministry of the Environment and Control of Sustainable Development; by Mauro Carrasco, Secretary of Science, Technology, Productive Innovation and Culture; By Miryám Monasterolo of the Ministry of Health and Lidia Blanco of the UNPSJB.

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