Do you have ideas for improving Bogotá's health?  This search concerns you

Do you have ideas for improving Bogotá’s health? This search concerns you

Worrying aspects of reality may have solutions that require research proposals and funding. Therefore, this new call is aimed research groups, centers and institutes presenting science and technology projects.

“Aims to Contribute” The major challenges facing the city in the areas of Maternal and Child Health and Social Ownership of Knowledge. “Through this call, we aim to promote research and at the same time respond to the health challenges we are experiencing in Bogotá,” said José María Roldán Restrepo, director of ATENEA.

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Institutions and organizations carrying out the projects must be located in the Capital Region. In addition, research groups wishing to participate should seek solutions to three main problems.

  1. to 2026, 100% comprehensive care for pregnant women, their spouses and newborns, in the phase of pregnancy and postpartum care, with opportunity, quality and humanized treatment, through the health system, without barriers to access, through the articulation of health actors, with measurable interventions and adapted to regional and population contexts.
  2. to 2024, To reduce the number of births by 10% in women aged 15-19, Strengthening preventive action through sexuality and reproductive education, family planning and health rights of the population.
  3. to 2026, Increasing the health literacy of the Bogotá population to increase self-care actions and reduce the risk of chronic NCDs and communicable diseases, including the involvement of academia, society and the public sector.

Who is managing the call?

This is the third call “Research and innovation to provide solutions to the health challenges of 2023”. It is run by the District Health Secretary and the District Agency for Higher Education, Science and Technology (ATENEA).

Financing times and amount

The maximum limit of financing from the region will be: About 666 million pesos. Resources will be allocated through the Regional Health Secretariat and the ATENEA Agency, an Education sector subsidiary that will be responsible for technical-financial supervision of funded projects.

search is on 22 November 2022 – 17 March 2023 17:00 On April 14 next year, a preliminary bank of eligible projects will be released and a two-week period will be given to respond to requests for clarification. On 27 June 2023, the final bank of eligible projects will be published.

“Different research groups with the required capacity will have a deadline until March. “They will be able to apply to receive an amount that will allow them to co-finance research processes that are important to us,” said Bogotá Health Minister Alejandro Gómez López.

Bidders to participate Submit all required documents through the application Provided by the Regional Agency for Higher Education, Science and Technology – ATENEA at

Announcement of this call District Health Science, Technology and Innovation Week, conducted by the District Health Secretariat and will end This Friday, November 25.

Last day of District Health Science and Innovation Week

For the closing of the event contributed to the participation of experts and researchers. national and international, International Congress of “Inspiring Experiences in Art and Health” is planned. Also the presentation “Caring for Myself Fontibón is an art in the Fontibón Disabled and carers district project” and the conference on “Accompanying and caring through life’s transitions: Grief and death”.

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