When Coleus is work and passion

When Coleus is work and passion

since the age of four devoted his life to fields and animals, At such a young age, he was on a running horse through the Trinidad savannas in his homeland of Casanare.

Jesus grew up in a coleus loving home, His maternal and paternal family, like any good llaneros, led him to this world of cattle sport and has been herding cattle since he was seven years old. Likewise, he carries out other works on the plain.

Although he learned to fish at a very young age, he participated in competitions for the first time at the age of 26. competed in the Copa América, Latin America, Palme d’Or, departmental and national championships, among others.

I am an active kicker, I try to participate in most competitions. I think I compete in at least 70% of the events yearly“, he spoke.

After a fierce competition at the 18th Coleo World Cup, he took the first place, but it was not enough for him. He achieved his second title as tournament champion in October 2022. getting 70 points in the final.

I felt a great feeling because being a champion is hard and succeeding a second time is complete satisfaction, I am very grateful to God”, stated Jesus Cuevas.

These victories have been achieved thanks to his constant practice and the support of his family and children. Isabella, seven, and Juan Manuel, five, that they love horses like him and that if they wanted to kick their tails, they would undoubtedly have their father’s support.

Jesús devotes his free time to playing football or horseback riding, his hobbies are for him. They are indescribable for the emotion and adrenaline that leaves the field. and on the tail arm. “Riding a horse is a beautiful thing, not to mention running. Colear is indescribable because it produces so much adrenaline.”, added Trinidadian.

The last World Cup champion, belonging to Las Panteras de Trinidad club, thanks God for his success and his partner in victory, Hany Bar is a seven-year-old Quarter Horse mare.I get along great with Hany Bar, I’ve won awards when I kicked himCuevas commented.

Jesús will finish the year by participating in other coleo competitions, He will compete at the Estribo de Oro in San Martín in November, Participate in the Copa América in December in Yopal, the same municipality where Cola de Oro is celebrated, and in Arauca it will be part of the Santa Bárbara de Oro trophy.

The 40-year-old coleador has spent most of his life between cattle breeding and politics. He was mayor of Trinidad in 2014, He was a candidate for the House of Representatives in 2018 and served as Speaker of the House until 2021. Liberal Party in Casanare.

His aim is to compete for many more years, to continue to stand out in this sport he has been doing all his life, continue your job as a farmer and stay active in politics.

Coleus is a beautiful sport that we plains enjoy a lot, but this is a sport like any other. As an athlete you must train, mental, physical and psychological aspects”, the Trinidadian assured.

It is the message it leaves to children and teenagers who love horses and want to take part in a ponytail race that at one point competes with many other ponytails. In contrast, he emphasized importance of competitiveness and respect in arm, to go far and take titles.

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