Willow continues the fantastic fight for diversity

Willow continues the fantastic fight for diversity

MEXICO CITY, November 24 (EL UNIVERSAL)- The reason why the 1988 movie “Willow”, designed and produced by George Lucas, conquered the audience of its time, was to show that a hero did not have to conform to certain characteristics.

In the 1980s, Warwick Davis played the mighty Willow from an elven village who rescues a girl from a terrible spell.

Living with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, a growth bone disorder that leads to dwarfism, Davis therefore departed from stereotypes of the charming prince saving the princess.

Unlike 34 years ago, the theme of inclusivity is now part of the canon, so the serial return of this story is almost an act of artistic justice.

The series, which brought Disney + to the screen on November 30, takes place after the events described in the previous movie. On this occasion, Princess Kit (Ruby Cruz) must rescue her brother, Prince Airk (Dempsey Bryk), who was kidnapped by evil forces during an attack on the fantastical kingdom of Tir Asleen.

She’s not alone, she has a strange guerrilla group led by Willow, also played by Davis: “Both characters challenge stereotypes of what a prince and princess are, so this is a great opportunity,” explains Ruby Cruz. to EL UNIVERSAL, who sees her character as a kind of new Disney princess.

Prince Dempsey Byrk, who needs to be saved, admits that times have changed a lot since this project has wreaked havoc on the world with devastating characters.

As a thank you to longtime fans and an opportunity for new young followers, he finally feels it was the best moment to move on – there was an attempt to make a version in 2005.

“We all know how complicated the world feels and we want to have a place we don’t have to go into and forget about, but we want to look at things through a different lens and have fun and laugh, and I think Willow can see what’s current.” problems and experiences, but with a different, more relaxed vision,” says Bryk.

The young princess in this story meets another heroine to save her twin sister, Dove (Ellie Bamber), a kingdom cook who proves to be the one to face the dangerous feats of salvation.

“We wanted to let the story get messy and let each of our characters go on a journey of self-discovery and learning. I’m excited for young people to identify with that and see that we make mistakes and learn that it’s okay.” cruz says..

Airk is a calm and non-violent young man, while Kit is a princess who, like her mother, has all the skills of a warrior and is not afraid of challenges.

“I had to learn to relax a bit, but I also needed to do stunt work and get physically stronger because most of the original Willow’s appeal was stunt fights, so we were practicing at a boot camp every month to get flexible, strong, learn to ride a horse, and more. for a day,” Bryk elaborates.

Playing the clumsy, shy and deranged Graydon, who sets out to save Prince Airk, Tony Revolori (“Spider-Man: no homecoming”) sees the magic of this new story in the diversity in between. your characters?

“I think the reason people still appreciate Willow is the idea that a hero can come out of anywhere. Hollywood isn’t as diverse as it should and should be, so I think it’s the perfect time to show it. Undervalued communities I find something to relate to, and I think that’s why (Willow) has stood the test of time.”

Ron Howard, who won an Oscar for “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001, directed the first episode and will consist of eight episodes, is producing the series.


The script was based on George Lucas’ story about a farmer who must protect a baby from the queen.

2. Both Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis found love while filming. Johanne Whalley with Kilmer and Samantha Davis with Davis.

3. Willow has been compared to Gulliver’s Travels and the work of JRR Tolkien, but

Time has become a cult cassette in the fantasy genre.

4. Willow has a trilogy of comics and novels called The Chronicles of Shadow Wars written by George Lucas and Chris Claremont.

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