Zacatecas State Science and Technology System introduces new governance – Government of Zacatecas State

Zacatecas State Science and Technology System introduces new governance – Government of Zacatecas State

Zacatecas State Science and Technology System offers new governance

  • It will allow linking the work of researchers of the institution with state public policies, higher education institutions, manufacturers, public and private companies to create welfare.
  • Hamurabi Gamboa Rosales, general manager of Cozcyt, asked Zacatecas to join talent and help transform the province.

Zacatecas, Zac., 24 November 2022.- In accordance with current regulations on the subject and to cover an outstanding debt since 2006, the Government of David Monreal Ávila presented the Zacatecas State Science and Technology System, which will link the work of the institution’s researchers with the government’s public policies at a higher level. educational institutions, manufacturers, public and private companies, to create prosperity among the population.

Hamurabi Gamboa Rosales, executive director of the State Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt), moderated the presentation and urged talent from Zacatecas to join the System and help transform and build a better state by attracting investment and creating wealth. from knowledge.

Likewise, the aim is to recognize and promote the performance of the Zacatecas scientific community, explained Gamboa Rosales, detailing the call to belong to the Zacatecas State Science and Technology System, which targets research teachers from public and private higher education institutions. education. , upper middle; government research centers and government companies.

On behalf of the research professors, Noemí González Ríos, a research professor at the Academic Unit of Higher Education at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), highlighted this effort to involve this sector in social transformation efforts, and who did these efforts appeal to? said call is about committing themselves and producing more research and more science.

He reminded that the academic education of the student population of all education levels, girls, boys, adolescents and students from high school and above constitutes a key axis of transformation for the present and future of the state. To promote the development of science through necessary active learning.

González Ríos emphasized that through this System, every researcher and scientist will be linked to the development of Zacatecas because it will consolidate intervention strategies for this area.

During the presentation, it was also shown how to access the computer platform that will enable registration to the System. Cozcyt will soon provide the electronic address where the call can be received and access to the registration system.

Accompanying this effort between government and society are: Zaira Ivonne Villagrana Escareño, Women’s Secretary; Ruth Angélica Contreras Rodríguez, provincial coordinator for Planning, and José Antonio Sánchez Mendoza, Regional Offices coordinator of the Ministry of Education; as well as researchers.


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