Cineteca Nacional commemorates the day of Chilean cinema with 10 films from its local filmography

Cineteca Nacional commemorates the day of Chilean cinema with 10 films from its local filmography

On November 29, Chilean Cinema Day commemorates Carmen Bueno and Jorge Müller.The arrested filmmakers disappeared by DINA agents in 1974.

Like this, The emblematic Cineteca Nacional will screen Antofagasta director Adriana Zuanic’s film “Antofagasta, the Hollywood of Latin America”.Admission is free at 19:00.

In parallel, the sample will be extended throughout the week. “Cinema in Chilean cinema”, which tries to explain the importance and impact of cinema as a tool for social change in our country. The programming focus of this new edition is focused on the screening of documentary and feature-length fiction films that depict and make visible the filmmaking process.

Diario Usach spoke to Marcelo Morales, director of Cineteca Nacional, who has discussed and cited the work behind this institution, which has discussed and restored a wide variety of national visual archives since its opening in 2006:We preserve not only films, works, stories, but also images from our way of thinking, from all the times in our country where we have lived in Chile since the beginning of the 20th century. (…) identity, territory and historical trace are essential for us to preserve it”.

It seemed important to us to see that there are other repercussions in Chilean cinema that illustrate the difficulties of making films.Always difficult, never easy, neither funding nor distribution from the public. There are many things to struggle with to make a movie, these movies show that,” he added.

Pachi Bustos, the director and filmmaker of the 2012 documentary “Cuentos sobre el futuro,” which will be screened in this film cycle and chronicling the painful realities of four young people suffering from the complexity of poverty, joined in the dialogue:Somehow, what these archives depict is, deep down, the absence of opportunities, but despite all these dreams. My main motivation was to tell the truth not only of these young people, but also of thousands of children and young people who grew up on the outskirts of the city and could not find the opportunity.” aforementioned.

Presenting “Cuentos sobre el futuro” as a commemoration of Chilean cinema sounds to me like a tremendous opportunity to renew, to make real the very current themes and themes that the film deals with (…) I think it’s good not to overlook that,” he added.

The screenings, which will be screened on Sunday, March 27 at 16:00, will be shown in the Microcine room located on the -2 floor of the La Moneda Cultural Center. The billboard includes:

– Scandal (Jorge Délano, 1940) | Wednesday, November 23

– Life is killing me (Sebastián Silva, 2007) | Thursday, November 24

– Laughter from Chile (José Bohr, 1970) | Friday, November 25

– Stories about the future (Pachi Bustos, 2012) + Pregnancy (Group Process, 1989) | Saturday, November 26

– As I Want (Ignacio Agüero, 1985) + As I Want II (Ignacio Agüero, 2016) | Sunday, November 27

– Such is Hollywood (Jorge Délano, 1944) | Tuesday, November 29

– The wind knows I’m coming home (José Luis Torres Leiva, 2016) | Wednesday, November 30

All features are worth $2,500. Ticket reservations are made on the cineteca website

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