Redondo: "Fashion is essential to develop the Madrid Brand" - Noticias de Madrid

Redondo: “Fashion is essential to develop the Madrid Brand” – Noticias de Madrid

Miguel Ángel Redondo, Delegate for Economy, Innovation and Employment, attended the presentation of the ‘MERINA: El Oro Español’ project by Madrid winner Paul García de Oteyza, co-founder of Spanish men’s fashion firm OTEYZA, this Thursday. The award-winning Fashion Capital is 2021 and its show will premiere in the capital in October 2023. “With the wonderful project MERINA: El Oro Español, I reaffirm my conviction that fashion is necessary to develop the Madrid Brand, especially if this production is expected to leave our borders to premiere worldwide.” Redondo also recalled the City Council’s support for this industry, as, according to the delegate, “fashion is a cutting-edge industry in Madrid that creates quality jobs.”

Oteyza created a show where fashion blends into the rhythm of contemporary dance, flamenco and electronic music. Developed in four acts, the show blends tradition and avant-garde, bringing art and culture together. Some of the aesthetic tradition and roots of dance have reached modernity in the presentation of merino wool, and thus Spanish fashion, of what is, is and will be. Antonio Najarro, former director of the Spanish National Ballet and choreographer of this show, and stage designer Eduardo Navarro, who has several MAX theater awards, also joined the project.

What is the Madrid Capital Fashion Award?

The Madrid Capital Fashion Award is an initiative supported by the Field of Economy, Innovation and Employment in cooperation with the Spanish Association of Fashion Creators (ACME) to actively contribute to the promotion of specialist training and business development. projection of fashion designers.

The award targets designers with recognized prestige and track record, and recognizes creative and business development projects in the fashion world. In achieving recognition, it is valuable that ideas have a development related to sustainability, circular economy, technological innovation and improvement, as well as the development of crafts along with internationalization.

This award is part of the program launched in 2016: Madrid Capital de Moda, a municipal initiative that brings together events and events related to the world of fashion, beauty, art, decoration, gastronomy and lifestyle in general, held in the capital. .

Madrid Capital de Fashion Award, within the scope of the municipal initiative of Fashion Week, an event that makes Madrid the capital of fashion, the award of this award, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Madrid City Council organized by IFEMA and presentations of writer companies, professional meetings and a collective meeting. Programming the ‘Madrid is Fashion’ project with the opening of the showroom.

Spanish firm based in Madrid

OTEYZA is a Spanish menswear company that justified internationally high Spanish craftsmanship from its workshop in Madrid by Paul García de Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda in 2012. It is a State Heritage firm, as it is included and forms part of the permanent collection of the National Costume Museum, and also works closely with the Spanish National Ballet, the Theater Royal or the Thyssen Museum, among other cultural institutions. The Madrid company has been the only company to break the all-time record by reaching 50 million views in a fashion show, and takes part in exhibitions, numerous fairs and world fashion weeks. /

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