Peruvian billboard: Which movies are releasing today, 24th November?  |  Cinema |  Premieres in Peru |  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets |  The Legend of La Llorona |  Disaster in China |  WAREHOUSE-GAME

Peruvian billboard: Which movies are releasing today, 24th November? | Cinema | Premieres in Peru | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | The Legend of La Llorona | Disaster in China | WAREHOUSE-GAME

Every Thursday renews and brings great news for moviegoers of all ages. Thursday, November 24, was no exception and People from Peru will find great premieres.

Among the innovations is the repetition of the series. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the movie, which was first released in 2002 and caused a sensation among fans of the story.

Next, we share we indicate the list of versions, as well as the tapes that are still on the billboard so you can enjoy anyone on the big screen.

What movies are releasing on Thursday, November 24?

disaster in china

China finds itself in danger after a trading platform offshore oil drilling explodes and catches fire, as well as when an airplane crashes into the sea after hitting hail from storms and other situations that endanger residents.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter returns to his second year at Hogwarts, but little does he know that returning could endanger his life and that of the other students.

central chicory tour

Recorded at the Groupama Stadium in Lyon as part of the 40th anniversary of one of France’s most popular bands, their concert will be screened in select cinemas.

The legend of La Llorona

A couple named Danny and their son go to a farmhouse on the outskirts of Mexico City to enjoy their vacation, unaware that they will fall victim to evil spirits and supernatural events there.

Curse: Awakening of the Dead

A resurrected corpse causes murder, so the victim’s body is found next to it. When the authorities learn that the killer died three months ago, they decide to start an investigation.

a strange world

A family of explorers together with a diverse crew, including a three-legged dog, will attempt to navigate a treacherous and uncharted land.

What movies are still on the Peruvian billboard?

on the edge of the cliff

Rock climbing turns into a nightmare for a woman who witnessed the murder of her best friend and is now pursued by the criminal and her friends.

Argentina, 1985

A film based on a true story about prosecutors Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo, who had to investigate a case involving the military dictatorship that affected that country at the time.

It is the new DC movie starring Dwayne Johnson. It is about a character who is imprisoned after gaining power from the ancient gods, is released after 5000 years and is ready to fight for justice in the modern world.


The movie is another version inspired by Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale, but Cinderella is tortured by her stepmother in Norway, surrounded by a snowy forest with particularly beautiful mountains.

It tells the story of an old woman named M, who, seeing an ant, decides to take care of her and share moments of her life with her, influenced by an evil presence that does not let her be happy.

Jeepers Creepers: the reincarnation of the devil

A young woman named Laine is traveling with her boyfriend, but when she gets there she begins to have premonitions about the urban legend The Creeper. That’s why she thinks she’s summoning something supernatural.

devil’s light

A sister named Ann believes her mission is to perform exorcism rites, thereby rescuing spirits afflicted by demons. A teacher decides to let the nun learn the subject and take her into her class; however, her traumatic past may leave her vulnerable.

Lilo, Lilo, Crocodile

A teenager named Josh struggles to adjust to his new school, but everything changes when he meets Lilo, the singing crocodile who loves bathing, caviar and good music.

Luffy and his friends set out to listen live to the world’s most beloved singer, Uta, whose voice is described as “from another world” and who keeps a big secret that everyone will be shocked to learn.

This time, dangers to the kingdom of Wakanda come from a secret underwater nation called Talokan. Also, Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M’Baku, Okoye and Dora Milaje must fight to protect their nation from the intervening world powers after King T’Challa’s death.


Witnessing a strange and traumatic event involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter begins to experience terrible events that she cannot explain.

A Peruvian film nominated for many awards. It’s about 12-year-old Teo, who watches his father try to sell a flood-prone machine in Lima, a city that historically hadn’t rained for a long time.

How much does a cinema ticket cost in Peru?

Prices start from 13 floors, the cost depends on the date, whether the movie is a training session, the location of the cinema, the type of cinema (2D or 3D) and other features.

It should be noted that tickets to watch any of the films can be purchased in person via the web platform or the application of cinemas in Peru (Cinemark, Cinépolis, UVK, Cineplanet, Cinestar, Movie Time Cinemas and Cinerama).


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