Five TV shows and movies that psychologists recommend for overcoming a breakup

Five TV shows and movies that psychologists recommend for overcoming a breakup

A love break can be a really difficult experience to manage. who knows who lived it’s hard to turn the page. The first days, weeks or even months can be very complex: “You’re experiencing a really emotional roller coaster You can move from resentment and anger to pain and nostalgia or sadness and guilt,” they explain to us on TherapyChat. Also, the process of grieving for loss stems not only from the relationship but also from the “habit of living together”. “

However, there is Various resources to help us deal with this experienceand that experts refer to a list, from talking openly about our feelings with a loved one, spending quality time with those around us, to pursuing one of our favorite hobbies, and even enjoying a good movie production.

And this, A study at the University of Essex they discovered that they exist movies that can reduce feelings of resentment and symptoms of depressionencourages a state of emotional well-being that can help us overcome these sad moments. That’s why TherapyChat Health Psychologist Isabel Aranda recommended some that could be a good resource for “reflecting on separation and learning valuable lessons for future life.”

a marriage story (2019)

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver star in this movie about a marriage that breaks down and tries to move forward in divorce cases while living separate lives between California and New York. Our expert recommends it because it’s “heartbreakingly real and reveals how each character faces this love break.” while discovering in amazement how they have changed in this process”.

In short, “an intense film that shines a light on the painful consequences that ending a relationship can have on a personal, professional, and family level, but also shows that it’s possible.” Overcome the breakup, rebuild as people and move on“, sentence Aranda.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love Ryan Murphy 2010

ending a relationship doesn’t always have to be negativesometimes it can be an opportunity to rediscover ourselves, reconnect with ourselves, and rediscover the things we enjoy most in life.” That’s why the expert recommends watching. Eat Pray Love.

The character of Julia Roberts is a woman who, after several emotional failures, decides to reinvent herself by traveling the world. Aranda warns us that this is a “slow and very visual film” but invites us to “put ourselves in this woman’s shoes, rediscover many of those little pleasures and meet new people who will help her.” remember who you are and what you want out of life“.

Adele’s life (2013)

Adele's Life 1536565755

The TherapyChat psychologist reminds us: “A break is never accidental. This break is often shaped by time and by the diversity of each disagreement and criteria highlighted as we mature as humans and stop sharing the same vision of life as our partner.” Thus, consider Adele’s life a clear reflection of how a breakup in a relationship is being prepared.

According to our expert, this French film delivers “with great precision” the illusion of first love and the first emotional break, “inviting us to reflect on the underlying causes of a breakup that often goes unnoticed.” Despite all this, “it is a very emotional and profound film that encourages anyone who has experienced a breakup to analyze what is behind the breakup. this is the first step to accept what happened and turn the page.“.

Grace and Frankie (2015-present)

grace and frankie

Although a breakup always hurts, especially when you spend a lifetime with the other person, “It’s never too late to pick up the broken pieces and move on”This is the message the psychologist encourages us to remember by watching seven seasons of this witty show. In it, Robert and Sol, who have been friends and partners for decades, decide to go public and leave their spouses.

While this may seem easy to laugh at at first glance, “it’s really a show that showcases the psychology of the two old women, Grace and Frankie. They find that their marriage has suddenly broken down and they must reinvent themselves.For Aranda, of course, “while it can help us forget the pain for a while, it makes us think about the breakup and shows us different ways to deal with the breakup.”

Claire and Claire (2019)

claire and claire 3

“Love breakups often affect self-esteem. Many people who end a relationship, especially if they haven’t taken the first step, feeling rejected and humiliatedso they have to face not only the negative feelings of separation, but also low self-esteem,” explains the psychologist.

This is exactly the idea reflected in the movie starring Juliette Binoche, a mature woman in the midst of an existential crisis who has been abandoned by her husband and resorts to embodying a young dancer on social networks to reclaim her lost love, illusion and world. beauty. “A story with great psychological depth that makes us reflect on the importance of dueling after a breakup. Give us time to recover before turning the page and continuing.“, sentence Aranda.

However, the expert reminds us that if we feel that we cannot cope with the emptiness after a breakup, or if we have a hard time overcoming it and we do not see ourselves as strong enough to end this process, it can be a emptiness. “It will help you face this moment and give you tools not only to overcome the breakup, but also to come out of it stronger“.

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