Récord de inversión en I+D en Navarra

Record investment in R&D in Navarra

Navarre has invested €390.2 million inside R&D (research and development) last year is a record number, judging by the statistics of the last twenty years. The 2008 crisis regressed the Community’s investment efforts in this area, which recovered after the epidemic, and Europe’s efforts to transform the economy into the new economy. digitalization and sustainability.

The INE report highlights that Foral Community continues. third position 591.9 Euros as the region with the highest R&D+i investment per capita. Only up front is the CAV with 765.5 euros; and Madrid, with 670.4 euros.

These data are made public only one month after the State Government submits the Navarre Science, Technology and Innovation Plan. 2021 – 2025A figure that is 2.5% higher than 2021, when an investment of $400 million in R&D+i is foreseen for 2021. 390.2 million finally registered.

The number of experts increased by 11.4%

The staff devoted to R&D+i also presents positive data as it increased by 11.4% compared to the previous year. 5,301 professionals. This number is similar to what Navarra had fourteen years ago, before the housing bubble and financial crisis erupted.

Of these more than 5,000 people, 39.4% corresponds to women. Additionally, out of 5,301 professionals, 3.163 They are researchers (41% female).

The Science, Technology and Innovation Plan seeks to promote the profession of STEM professions (the English abbreviation stands for disciplines. academics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among women, as Juan Cruz Cigudosa, Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation reminded in his speeches.

1.43% of the country’s GDP

For its part, in-house research and development (R&D) spending in Spain 17,249 million in 2021. This expense represented 1.43% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) compared to 1.41% in 2020.

By executive sectorsbusiness sector represented the highest percentage of internal R&D spendingwith 56.2% (meaning 0.80% of GDP). This was followed by the higher education sector with 26.6% (0.38% of GDP). For its part, internal R&D expenditures in the Public Administration sector accounted for 16.9% of national expenditure (0.24% of GDP). The remaining 0.3% corresponded to the Private Non-Profit Organizations (IPSFL) sector.

On the other hand, the total 249,474 people In full-time equivalence (FTE), it was allocated to internal R&D activities, representing 12.6 per thousand of the total employed population in 2021. The research group reached the following figure: 154,125 people in full-time equivalencyrepresented 7.8 per thousand of the total employed population.

this 40.5% The proportion of full-time equivalent in-house R&D personnel was female. The highest percentages of female participation occurred in Public Administration (54.0% of total employment) and IPSFL (52.3%). While this rate was 46.0% in higher education, it was 31.1% in Business sector.

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