The first day of Dircom 30th Anniversary Congress ended with great success

The first day of Dircom 30th Anniversary Congress ended with great success

30. anniversary Dircom Congress, “Communication for a new society” The first day ended with the great success of the people and the satisfaction of the participants after the inauguration of the mayor of Madrid on 23 November. Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida accompanied by Franz Heukamp CEO IESE Y Miguel Lopez-Quesada Director of Dircom at the opening ceremony of the event.

first block

The first presentation of the congress titled ‘Technology and Innovation’, which is already in the first content block, ‘Science, technology and communication in the face of pandemic’ It was given by Sergio Rodríguez, Country Manager for Pfizer Spain, and said: “The foundations of communication in health crises are: transparency and reliability, accessibility and speed.” And “Health collaboration is key to reaching meeting points that benefit the Health System”.

Then, philosopher and privacy expert Carissa Véliz gave the lecture. ‘Privacy is power’. “Having more data than ever before gives us more reasons than ever to protect privacy. It protects us from potential abuses of power; it is unacceptable to have a business model based on systematic and mass abuses,” said an associate professor at Oxford University. There is no journalism and no democracy without journalism.” After his presentation, there was a heated discussion with many questions from the participants.

After Carissa’s intervention, the round table was settled. ‘Artificial intelligence, big datacommunication and media: allies or foes? Moderated by Amparo Polo, head of Digital Strategy at the Expansión newspaper. In it, Elena Alfaro, Head of Global Data and Advanced Analytics, BBVA; Telefónica Audience Director Laura Sanz and Agencia EFE President Gabriela Cañas analyzed how data will be used in the future and what Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are used in organizations, including a journalist’s perspective on digital transformation. the daily functioning and use of data and artificial intelligence.

The congress, in which actress and presenter Verónica Mengod was the master of ceremony, continued with a conference after the coffee. The ability to adapt is the key to the success of the 21st century César Romera, Kyndryl Director of Communications, Marketing, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility. “At a time when the only certainty is that nothing is certain, knowing how to adapt to technological changes, new business models, ecosystems and occupations is key to turning problems into opportunities for professional and personal success,” said Romero.

second block

The second block of the day, which started with conferences after lunch, started with ‘Culture, People and Talent’. ‘It’s better to have a good boss than a good doctor’by Josep Santacreu, CEO of DKV Seguros, and How to reinforce corporate culture through talent management?‘, Anneloes Raes, Professor of People Management in Organizations, IESE.

Santacreu said in his speech: “Nothing can be transmitted outside if you haven’t done it inside before.. Companies that have been successful in the long run have focused on having a culture. The most important thing in an organization is not people, but the right person”. And he continued: “Depending on how we treat our teams, they will be more or less happy and live more or less well. If you have a bad boss or a toxic boss, you are very likely to end up with a health problem. He explained how he became a role model for people” and that “there is a solid reason for people to be ‘team players’ in many, if not all, organizations”.

Then the last round table meeting of the day was held. ‘Culture as a tool for growth in an entrepreneurial environment’, in cooperation with ENDEAVOR Spain, which includes the participation of Antonio Iglesias, the CEO of this company; Goiko CEO Amir Kremer; Beatriz Magro, founder and CEO of Komvida, and Pepita Marín, CEO of We Are Knitters. They all analyzed how we are currently using business culture as a tool to grow, build reputation and attract talent.

Two workshops put an end to this content block. One of them had a name “Creating a brand ambassador program” and given by Carlos Relloso Cereceda, Head of Digital Corporate Communications and Social Media, and Virginia García, Head of Internal Communications at Banco Santander. Daniel Ureña, co-founder and president of MAS Consulting, offered us another: “The ten commandments of a good lobbyist: how and when to lobby?”. Both attracted great attention among the participants who filled the halls as in the morning hours.

To end the day Dircom 30th anniversary cocktail It served to discuss everything heard and learned during the day, to reunite with colleagues and to meet numerous executives with different profiles.

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