YSL's Pumps Are A Parisian Statement And This Is Their Story

YSL’s Pumps Are A Parisian Statement And This Is Their Story

It’s the name that shoe addicts call them “YSL heels,” in reference to the already iconic model with a sculpted heel in the shape of the famous YSL logo. yves st laurent. Opium is real madness and we tell you their story.

The iconic fashion firm and the history of its shoes (almost a secret passion)

yves st laurent He started his career with Christian Dior, whom he replaced after his death. He founded his own brand in 1961 and opened his first boutique on Rue Spontini in Paris in 1962. There he presented his first collection and it was immediately successful.

Loved for her knit research and bespoke suits, Yves drew inspiration from literature, history, theater and the arts, with a particular focus on the East that fascinated her throughout her career as a designer. But if most people know him for his iconic outfits like his safari jacket and feminine tuxedo (he was the first fashion designer to offer it in a feminine version) and the controversial but flawless black and blue combination, few know what he is. He also had a great passion for accessories, especially high heels. Maybe because she does so little design compared to clothing. But in reality, his vision of accessories was so precise that he couldn’t imagine his creations without the right accessories, as he believed they contained the entire spirit of the outfit. To make them, he turned to outside craftsmen, very precise and very skilled.

At first, he stayed connected with personalities known for his collaborations with the Dior house, such as Roger Vivier, and later decided to have his own hallmark when it comes to shoes. He was supported in this project by his beloved muse Loulou de la Falaise. Not everyone knows that Loulou is not only an inspiration, but also an interpreter of Yves’ ideas. Until his death, he was sure of it. Yves Saint Laurent shoes in line with the vision of the great designer.

Yves Saint-Laurent, 1950.


Nobody made shoes like Yves Saint Laurent.

Patrick Mauriès, in his book ‘Yves Saint Laurent Accessories’ (Phaidon), writes: “For him, shoes belonged to the category of light touches with elegant finishes, understated complementary details, light touches that had to be applied in moderation.” Nowhere can it be better portrayed than in one of his. iconic pumpsPatent leather shoes with silver buckles designed for Roger Vivier in 1965 and worn by Catherine Deneuve in Luis Buñuel’s movie Belle de Jour (1967).

Saint Laurent produced one or two models of shoes for four Haute Couture shows each year, and these were made in its in-house workshops, a five-person team led by Alexandre Narcy and formed in the 1970s. turned to foreigners, and that’s where Loulou de la Falaise stepped in. “Suppliers had to stay in close contact with Paris and ensure their products met the rigorous standards of the European Union. yves Saint Laurent: From the quality of the leather to the design of the shoes adapted to the Haute Couture style, nothing escaped his attention. The designer made it the norm for most of the clothes and shoes to be deliberately ‘mismatched’: for example, he proposed an elegant red satin heel that was visible from under the hem of the dark hem of a black silk dress.

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