La pasarela 'Carnaval fashion show' convertirá Santa Catalina en una discoteca

Runway ‘Carnaval fashion show’ will turn Santa Catalina into a nightclub

back of the park Santa Catalina will turn into a 70’s nightclub with the ‘Carnaval Fashion Show’ on October 28 and 29.. new edition carnival fashion catwalk It will show the trends inspired by “Studio 54” in two days. Thirteen designers and two outstanding guests of the Gran Canaria CarnivalOnce again, Daniel Pages from Tenerife and Josep López Martí and Grace Castillejo from Valencia are the winners of the latest body makeup contest and the ambassadors of the party, with their participation in the world makeup contest. body painting held in Austria last July.

The perimeter of Santa Catalina park, the heart of the party, will once again breathe Carnival air with the technical installation, the parade’s artistic director announced at a press conference this Tuesday. Joshua Quevedo“It will have a great visual impact because what you undoubtedly want to achieve is to highlight the trends of the designers”.

Quevedo argued that Studio 54 “offers an approach to modernity in the evolution of the night in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”.. In this sense, “With the final result of the podium installation in terms of scenery, seats and different elements that will decorate the place, we want to give a small nod to a legendary nightclub that breathes that extreme atmosphere in the city. It happened in a New York nightclub.

Josué Quevedo and Inma Medina at the ‘Carnival Fashion Show’ presentation. LP/DLP

during the presentation of podium news and details, Josué Quevedo was accompanied by Carnival Councilor Inmaculada Medina, reminding that the collections are direct commissions to the creators participating in what will be the first act of “Studio 54” by the City Council. This is the podium, she said, not only promotes the industrial fabric produced around the lotrather, it reveals the talent and creativity of the creators who introduce their work more closely. An inspiring showcase for anyone looking for ideas to improve their creations on the theme the party revolves around.

A double evening ahead Arrival of the disco Carnival Medina unveils exclusive collections created by designers who were invited to participate in the parade last August. The selection committee of the organization, after examining the different proposals presented, chose the companies that would receive 4,000 Euros to exhibit their designs on the podium. Because the councilman remembered that it was a big event that had gained a professional qualification.

After the first “Carnaval Fashion Show” result, which was “a complete success”, the councilman was convinced we’d see another high-end show next weekend, and he joked that we could already call it the “Studio 54 Carnival discotheque.” opened its doors”.


It will be in favor of the podium fifteen collections It consists of six designs by thirteen designers from Gran Canaria; Manuel Encinoso, José Julio Armas, Julio Vicente Artiles, Kilian Betancor, Rafael Déniz and Rosa Montesdeoca, from whom Rafa&Rosa graduated; Aarón García, Neftalí Betancor, Alfonso Baute, Yone Reyes and Beatriz Álamo; Mary Patrón, David Romero, Manuel Camejo and Grisela Guardia. Daniel Pages from Tenerife will join these creators’ group for the second year in a row. Likewise, Valencian couple Josep López and the winner of the “La Tierra” Body Makeup Contest, who managed to get first and third place in the 25th “Creative Makeup” category, will make their debut. World Body Painting Festival in WBF, Klagenfurt.

There will be a two-night “Carnival Fashion Show”, where a total of 90 models will parade on the podium.s, 70% are fashion professionals and the remaining 30% are connected to the Carnival world. All have been selected in a cast that also includes selected models. corrugated Y trance “This is an inclusive podium where anyone can walk,” said Josué Quevedo. As the fashion show will exhibit eight collections on Friday and seven collections on Saturday, they will wear the designs according to the day. All inspired by the allegory of the next edition of Carnival: “Studio 54”, a theme that guarantees dazzling quotes and iconic styles. glamorous New York nightclub era.


On Friday, the parade will kick off with his collection “Infamus”. Alfonso Baute who will translate into their designs what the New York nightclub is, the perfect place for those looking for a space to be themselves; Yone Reyes and Beatriz Alamo With “Beyo Raimbow” they bet on a multi-colored collection in which rainbow colors come to life; veteran Mary Boss He will pay homage to the stars who have made Studio 54 an icon of modernity with their music, with “Esa música loca”; Jose Julio Armas will bring “Libertad” to the podium with a proposal based on earth, blue and pink colors and combining the comparsa style with the theme; Aarón García will play a male, female and disguise duo in “Libertad al deseo”; From the designer “Would you like to be my sin?” Neftali Betacorwill depict mortal sins from another angle; Creation of the “Night”, the brand Manuel Encinosowill represent different elements connected with the world of the night, such as heels, bags, perfumes, make-up or drinks, and the closing will be a collection “VIP”. Julio Vicente Articles she intends to embrace gender-neutral fashion and the freedom to dress as she pleases.

«Carnaval Fashion Show» will be played by «Psicodelia» on Saturday. Kilian Betancor he wanted to travel back in time and become a freedom-obsessed designer in the late 70’s; The violation experienced in the New York room will also be conveyed on the podium with designs. Manuel Camejo In the “Mine” collection; Grisela Guardia will fill the podium with crystal balls with “Reina”, a woman-oriented proposal; Tenerife Daniel Pages explores and demonstrates the timeless influence of the nightclub on music, art and fashion on “Iconic-E”; «Cocktail 54» designs, Rafael Deniz and Rosa Montesdeocainspired by the prohibition years, Afro fashion and sequins; “Night Club” will show the action of New York nights in the hands of the designer david romero and several creators invited Josep Lopez and Grace Castillejo will close the second night of the runway with a glamorous and modern collection accompanied by creative make-up.

The public will be able to reserve seats via from Tuesday, October 25th.

It will be for them again An avant-garde montage with a vintage feel and modern touches by Josué Quevedo, co-founder of production company and model agency MasQmoda Canarias with Giovanni Déniz. The walkway route, which consists of Y-forming lights and LED screens along its length, is 28 meters long and 4 meters wide in total. It has 160 linear meters of LED screen formed between the birth of the podium and its extension. There will be 76 square meters of front led screen, robotics and laser lights. Same way, More than 100 state-of-the-art lighting fixtures will be installed to spice up the environment and highlight the creations of designers. Smoke machines, mirror balls and air turbines will put the finishing touches on a podium with these features.

These two days of the podium will serve to open your mouth just four months after the start of the 2023 Carnival.. Organized and organized by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria through the Promotion of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the event will serve as a showcase to learn about the different trends inspired by the festival. .

The carnival fashion catwalk will offer seats that can be reserved to the public through the digital portal from Tuesday, October 25th.

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